Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yes, there are points for class participation.

Out of curiosity, and stemming from a particular series of contemplations in my own life right now, I put forth a question to whomever happens upon this blog:

What do you fear to be wrong about the most??

And yes, after a predetermined amount of time (about a week) I will answer this myself.

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10th comes after April 12th... Right?

So it's been a while. I think I officially give up on 'back updating'. Too much time, and in the words of an energetic blonde guitarist friend of mine, I should "get off the Internet and go live my life!" So the short story is: finished the last semester with honors, walked in Graduation, had an amazing 2 weeks up at Basileia, came home and found out I didn't graduate and signed up for a $1,400 4-credit summer class, hung out at the beach, had an amazing week at the American Legion NJ Boys State program, had a good time in a flooded out Washington DC, got all signed up for substitute teaching in the fall, spent an awesome time with a whole bunch of beaches at the beach, had my State job pushed back cause of the stupid government shutdown... but it is still going at least, just got a tentative offer of a new job in August, had our first monthly tech meeting for ALJBS, got a Facebook message I expected, a Gmail message I didn't expect, and now it's today.

Right. Now that that's all cleared up. I just need to find the motivation to do the small things.... like clean my room, and read the books for my summer class. The problem with this season called Summer, is that since everyone's off, every organization that exists tries to cram every getaway and project into it... so by the time I get a minute to look up, I've spent over 5 weeks of it doing someone else's stuff. Now agreed I'm getting a lot out of it, but it's the 10th of July and where'd my summer go?

So, unlike nearly everyone else I know I won't be doing the whole grad school/real job thing come September. The plan, so I hopefully don't have to go through it again is that I'll be substitute teaching while taking the next year off. During this time off I will be traveling from coast to coast looking at Seminaries and other Christian graduate schools to find the school that God wants me to go to. I'm going to take as much time as I can, look at the school, programs, and spend a few days in the surrounding area because wherever this school is will be where I'm living for however long it takes to get whatever degree I need. Then it's anyone's best guess where I end up. Colorado is still my top choice but the longer life goes on, the more one realizes that anything's possible.

Anyway, today's a mix of errands and homework. I've gotta drop off fingerprints, talk to the people from CBVI where I'll be working for the next 2-3 weeks, stop by my old work to find a sprinkler, and then read a book and send an e-mail to my wonderful professor with whom I'm doing the summer study so I can actually graduate. No guarantees on posting more, it'll happen if it happens.

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