Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playing a bit of catch up

So, I'm back in my apartment for the majority of this week... which I significantly hope is a sign of things to come. I've been saying for weeks that next week I'm going to get my car back... and that next week hasn't come yet. First it's the headlights that don't come in on time, then it's a broke attachment on the rear bumper that hasn't come in, and last weekend my father decided to get the flu while nature simultaneously opened up 6-8 inches of snow on us. I know it's out of my control, but c'mon... pretty please..... I want my car back!!! /rant

It's nice to be in my apartment, as opposed to being at my parents place and paying rent on an apartment I'm not living in. I've missed my city. Though, since I had to take the train to get here there are a score of things that I forgot to bring, a bunch of fresh cold cuts for sandwiches (to save money on lunches... that plan is going well), bills that need paying, some of my guitar music and also pictures from my trip to Portland that I've promised to some of you. Well, I'll be going home to babysit on Wednesday so I'll be sure to bring them back or take care of that post that night. I feel like I've got a hundred things to write about but no time to write about them in. I guess that's a good thing considering the sparcity of the recent weeks. Oh well, when my life gets back in order (stop laughing... that loudly) then maybe I'll get back to posting regularly. However, I will say that for those few of you who read/care (and that I'm aware of) I have been trying to comment on your posts that so that you don't take it personally that I dropped off the face of the planet... cause I didn't ;-P

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So what's the point of turning 24...

Sure, aging is inevitable, but seriously... 24? I actually Googled that question and do you know what I found out?? A whole lot of nothing, which obviously didn't help me one bit. It's one of those ages that just feels weird. It has no special significance attached to it. It's not old by any stretch of the imagination, but it's also not quite "frat house" young. It's just there... staring back at you just being like, "yep, here I am". Well, regardless, at 2:08pm today I'm one more year older.

So, how do I intend to spend my day you wonder? Well, besides starting now with this post, I'm going to go back to sleep for a few hours to wake up at 6am EST to catch the 6:30 train into Penn Station, and then transfer to another rail line to get to one of The Agency's training facilities where I'll be from 9-4 under going intense blindness immersion training. Yep, today and tomorrow I get to spend under blindfolds basically, learning traveling and life skills as if I were blind. Then back on the train to get back to my parents house around 6:30pm, cutting together video footage from this past summer's program for a presentation to the State Council on Friday, and then sleep. Now, this is what I have planned, there's every chance that some random other things will occur, like my family's traditional Carvel birthday ice cream cake, a few presents, and possibly a drink out if the weather's good, but we'll see. With the mood that permeated the house this evening(I can't wait to be back at my apartment), it might just be early to bed.... who knows.

Birthday wishes have already started coming in from Facebook, the first three nicely enough are from people who actually care, rather than just the annual birthday post-ers. It's always interesting to see who logs on to Facebook tomorrow and sees my birthday and decides to pop out of the wood work and say something. I'm half afraid, half hopeful that Jenny might call. If she realizes she probably will, and then I'll have that to deal with, and probably quite the rant to post about.

In any case, it's 2am, and I have to be up in 4 hours so I'd better take my birthday nap while I still can...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My liver doesn't like my weekend activities...

So my plan yesterday, was to come into Philly, make a quiet dinner, catch up on all of the wonderful Sci-fi show's that my DVR so graciously records for me, edit a blog post into a more refined form, and pack what I need for Portland next weekend. Yeah, not so much. I get in, and start my evening, but then E comes out of his room and mentions that he and a bunch of colleagues from work are going out for one of their birthday's and invites me along. There goes quiet night. E and I ordered food and then everyone come over to our place for a few drinks before we went out. We went to this local bar that's only a few block walk from our apartment (but then again most things are just a few blocks from my apartment) and met up with the birthday girl and a bunch of her friends from work. It wasn't nearly the fiasco that was last weekend, and thank goodness because two of those in that short of a time would probably have done me in. It was pretty much the ideal night out. A few drinks before, awesome place, good loud music though not too loud to talk, sports on the tv's, little bit of dancing, reasonable amount of money spent, and then good pizza back at the apartment to end the night. Did it end then, of course not... I was up till 5:30am talking on IM, and catching up on some of the show's that I planned on watching earlier in the evening. But the time I start having regular sleep habits, is well... let's just say probably a long time from now.

Anyway, now to continue the weekend. Packing everything I need and taking off from Philly within the hour, hanging out at home for a while, then out to another birthday party for a friend of mine who went to high school with me, but we only met Junior year in college. Funny world like that. I leave with a quote I just heard on one of the show's (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) I watched and plan on pondering during the drive home:

"We can't predict the future, only try and prevent it."

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tonight is the night, of the night of......

What a weekend, and it's only just begun. Let's just start with the fact that it's 4:21am my time and I'm up eating Grand's Oven Baked Biscut's and drinking tea because it's not quite safe to go to sleep yet... not because of how I feel, but because how of my best friend JP feels... *update, it's 4:49am and I just spent a half hour taking care of him in the bathroom. He's now comfortably sleeping on the bathroom floor*

Friday: We went out to New Hope. Awesome time, JP, Surfer and myself... the three amigos... (I just came up with that, it's late, shut up) went out for drinks to start the weekend of awesome. We went to Havana's, where we actually didn't see anyone we knew from high school, and just enjoyed the live music. Luckily for us, the band was actually pretty damn good that night. Craziness ensued... round after round of beer's ensued... and lots of great conversation on the presidential candidates policies about Immigration... no, I'm not joking. Randomly through the night, JP offered himself up to a random woman to dance, and we ended up spending the rest of the night dancing and talking and hanging out with their group as well. 4 of them and 3 of us made for one awesome group. We all danced... well, correction, JP and I danced while Surfer stayed with whomever was at the table and talked with them. Now, to better imagine this scene in your head, JP can dance, is pretty much the mac daddy of the group, and just all definitions of 'the man'... I on the other hand, while a good guy am not nearly as smooth as he is. So by saying dancing, it means he was dancing well, and I was getting points for effort just being out there. Long, self-deprecating story short, we had a blast, got their numbers and invited them to Memorial Day skydiving with us. I hope they come, it'd be an awesome time! We left the bar around 2am... maybe 1:30 ish but not before because we all had stuff to do in the morning. JP thought he was all set to drive home, until when we were walking back to his truck, he decided that it would be a good idea to do a pull up on the flagpole that one of the store's had up. Now, Surfer and I were waiting for the catastrophe that was about to happen, but JP was rather oblivious..... until the pole snapped down from the building's face and the end that used to be sticking up in the air was now being held up by the ground. At that point, we promptly continued walking while he gave me his key's to drive home. Smart plan.

Saturday: AL meeting in the morning... blah blah blah.... politics politics politics.... happy ending. JP picks me up from TCNJ to go back to my apt in Philly to start our crazy freaking Superbowl weekend. It's pretty much uneventful till the evening, we get food, hang out and talk with old friends, stop at the beer distributer to have some on hand for tomorrow, more friends come in, it's a grand old time. We head out to dinner, have dinner at what I believe is the same restaurant that Sly Stallone filmed Rocky's son watching the simulated Rocky/Dixon fight in.... (and that's just one of the big reasons I love Philly) and then all planned to go out for the night. We go to Fedo to start the night, and as much as E loves the place because it's somewhere he's been and likes making habits like that... the rest of us are kinda like, eh... music's not that great, atmosphere's not really that good, and drinks could be a bit better. *and then the clock struck 5:16am in real life, JP still passed out on the bathroom floor* So after we decide to go, E leaves J and I in charge of finding the next awesome place. And since, by his own description, J is a fabulously flamboyant homosexual, we decide that a gay bar is the best place to go to. (Side note, I do consider my life now complete since I've went to a lesbian bar in NYC with Distracted Spunk and a gay bar in Philly with, well, a group of people) We start walking until all the street signs have rainbows underneath them (no joke) and turn down a side alley, barely big enough for a car to fit down and stop at a door that has a huge crowd around it and a large rainbow flag flying proud and high (this is no exaggeration). I'm mildly concerned but trust J enough that if he says this place is better, then it's gotta be better. We walk in, make our way through the throngs of men, to the stairs to the second floor, the dance floor. We enter the second floor and it's a scene out of a gay movie I've never seen but always imagined. It was a dancing sausage-fest that almost made me nervous at first, but for whatever reason (I'm guessing the alcohol already in my system) I was alright enough to give it a shot. E got us all really really strong vodka/red bull's and that was it. J was quite right, despite my melancholy mood of the evening (due in part to DS's woe's of life and love) the music was better, the drinks were stronger/better, and the music was also worth listening/dancing to! J came over and said to me, "There's just something liberating about being at a gay bar that you can't find at any other bar." and quite frankly, he's right. It's not like I was looking for someone... but maybe it was just that we were all looking for ourselves there that made the atmosphere what it was. Anyway, as the night went, JP disappeared, E and his lady friend kissed for the first time, though under significantly dubious circumstances, J enjoyed the fact we were all on his territory and enjoying ourselves, and I was spending the bulk of my time txting DS, enjoying the music, and trying to analyze the atmosphere. The night ended roughly. JP's coat disappeared only to be found on another individual... and being in the current significantly inebriated state he was in (and currently still is, 5:37am) he had to be taken outside while I negotiated with the bouncers on his behalf, ultimately ending in his coat being returned and him walking away cursing off the bar staff who wouldn't deal with his belligerent behind. Me, JP and L walked home, stopped to oogle at the beauty of Independence hall, run in front of traffic, piss behind a dumpster, for JP to profess his undying love to L for finding such an article of sentimental value as his coat was, and then finally, finally to make it back to my apartment. At that point we stayed up and talked about all the different things that alcohol loosens our tongue's about. L and E went to sleep, I stayed up taking care of JP until this very minute still.

Sure, there's more I could go into... E and his lady friend's woe's tonight, E's profession of extreme thanks and commitment to our best friendship, JP's helping poor Michael bail his cousin out of jail, L and how good it was to have her with us, and I haven't even though about the plethora of emotions and feelings that passed through me all night - up to and through now... but I'll deal with me another time. I wish, I could write, that at 5:49am I'm going to sleep, but I'm actually not... I'll be up at least another hour to make sure JP is alright, as warm and as comfortable as he can be on the bathroom floor. This is why I was made to deal without sleep when necessary, right?