Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Keeping up with the pace

It's been an interesting 'holiday' weekend.

I got 5 days off with virtually perfect weather and no real plans to tie me down to anything. It was glorious. Spontaneous bonfires, much catching up with friends I haven't seen in the past few months, a fun time with family, and even finally got working on a secret project for my brother that I've had started for well over a year now. I'll post pics when I finally give it to him, because I'm expecting it to turn out awesome.

I'm comfortable saying I've beaten my cold and am back to about 95% health. My HP bar is full enough to continue on my way without stopping to continue to fill it.

I'm actually ahead (comparably to where I've been) in my financial situation at the moment.

I'll be taking my typewriter and going to my cabin in the woods this coming weekend to knock out 4 chapters of my yet to be started book and hopefully have enough to submit to a week-long workshop I want to go to that's taking place in the fall.

Nothings really wrong at the moment.

It's like a breath is being held while the shoe is in the air dropping. I don't know... I suppose we'll just have to see what happens...

In an interesting twist of male/female relations I actually met someone over the weekend who I am genuinely intrigued by. I'm certainly not attempting to defy the predictions of my "coffee grind reading" but she's intriguing. Maybe it's just that she's someone new, maybe it's cause a close friend of mine who knows her thinks we have a lot of similarities and she's been trying to get us in the same room since before New Years.... Either way, that finally happened this weekend, and while the situation was less than ideal, she still caught my interest. I've got less than no clue if it were the same vice versa, but I have a feeling if it was that I'll know about it in a few days time.

And now, I'm going to hopefully be able to wait and see the first episode of a new Firefly-based web series.