Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comfortable vs. Familiar

Expecting the other person to be there.
Dropping a deuce while the other person is in the shower.
Pissing while the other person gets ready at the sink in the morning.
Passing gas while watching a movie in the living room
Belching out loud at the dinner table or just randomly
All the little fucking things that your parents always (or should have) told you were "impolite"
And still, expecting the other person to be there, or worse, care as little as you do
(Exceptions are made for couples who previously establish they don't care about those things, ie. not me.)

Noticing yourself smiling when you pull in the driveway because the other person is home first
Taking note of bathroom schedules well enough so that you're both in there for showers only
Waking up 20 minutes early to get ready early so the other doesn't have to work around you
Politely stifling a belch when the other person isn't looking
Waiting for the other person to leave or leaving the room to pass gas quitely
Helping with the dishes cause you know it's not their favorite thing to do
Noticing yourself smiling when going to bed cause you're with them and they're with you.

Maybe I'm just an idealistic, hopeless, romantic...
So what.

Maybe my ideas will change with age...

But settling for just being comfortable...
Not a chance.