Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's gonna be a year

The Things I've Learned Today... In No Particular Order

I'm in a big Will Smith mood
I'm very aprehensive about this school year
I've never been in a true position of leadership before
I'm scared of change
Unless I'm the one making the change
I'm really looking forward to my new job(s)
I have no solid idea of where I want to go in life
I don't think I can have a blog where people know who I am
I don't know what's arranged by God and what's not
I've always liked her.........

So I've got work tomorrow... yay... noon till six and no field trips so it's gonna be a long day. I'm finding my patience with the kids and some of my co-workers shortening considerably. It's not that I don't like either of them, I just need to move on, and for one reason or another, they are preventing me from doing so. I won't know any more about the new job till next week. Family vacation time kinda screws with knowing more about that. I like people, and I like learning about people, but it scares me when I realize I like people. I'm not intoxicated, just tired and confused. It's like, I know that I am Ice Cream, but there are sooooooooo many flavors of ice cream and I don't know which ones I'm allowed to or want to be...