Friday, February 10, 2006

This'll be a normal one for a change...

So for a rundown of the "highlights" of the past week or so:

Superbowl party at 1863!!! With the unbeatable rootbeer pong team of Dana and Paul... the "Sign Language After-Game Special"... and yay for only having to wake up at 6:30am the next day instead of 5!! Thanks for the couch, it was a life saver!!!!

4x5 format cameras... totally one of the coolest tools of photography

Yay for finally developing amazing pictures from random trips to the Statue of Liberty over break... awesome idea Kelly!!!! So where's our next one??

Lunches, dinners, and other awesome times in 1855... What am I going to do without you once I graduate?!?!?!

GCBS like woah.... Like going from a diet of steak, potatoes, and a white tablecloth to a 4th of July BBQ... Rocking Tuesday night!!! Here's to 50 more brothers and sisters on campus I didn't know I had!!!

15 minute conversations that end up going 2hrs, and then the best 11 hours of sleep I've gotten in the past 3 weeks. Don't let her tell you any different, Erin's couch in her living room is amazing!!!

Basketball late Wed nights, it's so good to play again, even if I have to ice random body parts, like my neck, after every time... but at least I can move it!!

Changing a flat tire on the Penn Turnpike... and of course, being sandwhiched between the guard rail and tractor trailers whizzing past my head at 70+ mph, because it was the driver side front tire.... I volunteer never to do that again!!!!

IV, IV, the simple pleasures of coloring and playing with colored pencils, and totally being "that guy"... and you still can't read what I scribbled out on the back of you paper :-P

Full House... I need say no more ;-)

Siren submissions, Biblical Theological Seminary, two "go to" people having a conversation and belly laughing hysterically at 1am, being told by more than one person that since I'm questioning and über-concerned about things in life -- I'm doing it right (which by the way really isn't cool. It's like saying that if you feel like you're doing your homework wrong and you don't know where to go, that you need to keep doing it that way because you're actually doing it correctly even though you don't think you are and just wanna know how to do it right. Ummm, I get it, but that's still smells like a load of animal dung)

And thus ends a pointless "update" blog entry... what fun

But in the end, what leaves you broken
In the end, makes you better, yeah

Plumb -- "Bettter"