Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My "About Me" says it all...

This blog, is no longer necessarily going to be censored, restrained, politically correct, appropriate, or repressed any longer. It's going to serve as a useful tool of personal discovery and/or ventilation or I'm no longer going to have it frustrate my time.

I return to the life I lived on August 5th after having been nearly completely cut off and away from everyone since July 11th. I really only spoke in depth to two people... one who just had their significant other move out, and another who's about set to loose 2 grandparents much too close together. That's it. I let those two through, but if those situations weren't going it it probably would have been no one. No one should take it personally that I haven't spoken with them. It's been an interesting time of self-exploration being away from so many of the people who have shaped who I am. Not to mention the fact that these students at the program deserve and will have every spare minute of my time that I can give them, and it really doesn't matter who you are or what the issue is, I'm pushing silent on my phone and will call if/when I have time. I'm not trying to be harsh or offensive, just straight with ya'll. I've got exactly 21 days to impact the lives of these students and I'm going to use every minute I have. I've got hundreds of pictures and countless hours of video to edit into tangible memories for the students and staff that unfortunately none of you can ever see lest I dare break the HIPPA laws, which, quite frankly, won't happen. But, the program is winding down, it's party time for K's birthday to relieve some of the stress that's been riding pretty high this past week, and sooner or later, "even this too shall pass."

Happy August.