Friday, October 21, 2005

So much happening... so little time to write

Where to begin. The Big Event was unbelievable. It was really just what we all needed. God just spoke to each of us in a very different way and really showed his majesty and power by being so very present. He was with us in some of the most intense worship I have ever experienced as well as editing the message of the weekend. The theme was supposed to be "witness" but He changed it so that it became "finding freedom through Jesus". So many people, including myself just let everything go to Him, fell in love with Him all over again, or just felt a new sense of conviction to make/keep Him the center of all of our lives. He did so many amazing things, I can't even begin to explain them on here... I made new friends, I met new brothers and sisters, I caught up with a bunch of brothers and sisters from Basileia, and most importantly, I actually was right there during the re-birth of a new sister in Christ!!!!! Seeing the change that overcame her totally re-invigorated my faith, and made years of pain and hurt as a result of my disobeying God's Will all worth it. It's an unbelievable thing, when you understand that God has used your pain to help someone else let go of theirs. It really gave retrospective purpose to the last 2+ years of my life... and to finally be at peace with most of that, is something I didn't expect to happen for a long time.

The week went by alright. Didn't get to do some things I really wanted to, like having an important conversation with a new friend Tues, getting to the Darkroom, writing papers. However, some things did go really well, like my trip to NYC on Wednesday with a few new friends of mine. We went to see the ICP... (no, not the insane clown posse, the International Center of Photography). Most of the pictures were depressing war photography, but the lower level was slightly more light hearted. Then we went to the most awesome restaurant in the city, Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. Now, you might be saying to yourself, "Self, doesn't that remind you of of a movie we once saw?" Well, I'll answer and say yes, in fact the reason the restaurant chain even exists is because the movie Forrest Gump was made. The food is awesome ( ;-) M) the people are just as nice as Forrest is in the movie, there's movie trivia questions given by the waiters/resses, and it's just an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back!

Large Group was intense but exactly what we needed at the time. IV Alum Bill gave a talk on "Anger and Disappointment with God" that was a very very powerful message. Lots of Scripture, lots of realistic doable application, and lots of Christ. It scared me up until last Thurs. that if you would have asked me what Scripture was last spoken in LG, I couldn't have answered...... (it scared me more that I asked others, and they couldn't tell me either) That should have been our biggest sign. However, we're correcting this, and we have to keep on this very solidly. I can answer the question now, but my answer should change by next Friday, and the Friday after that... and so on. We can only know God's Power and Majesty and Brilliance, by reading and learing God's Word.


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