Saturday, October 22, 2005

The only way I could ever be comfortable in A.C.

So this Friday I had big plans. The plan was to go to "The Price is Right" with my friend and a bunch of our other IVCF friends for her birthday. However, as I got there we found the news that tickets had sold out before we could get them. Well, 5 of us in the end decided to go anyway and how cool it was that we did! Her mother had what was called "Comp points" that allowed them to absolutely live it up while they were there!!! We stayed at the Trump Taj Mahal in one of their 'double door' suites at the end of their hallways. Our 'room' was perhaps bigger than the main level of my entire house. We had an entrance foyer, 2 bathrooms, 2 flat screen TV's, our private balcony, furniture for 15, jacuzi, king size bed, and to top it all off.... a bidet. And if you don't know what the last one is, google it, then post your reaction as a comment :-P

Anyway, we started the night with dinner at a private restaurant called The Bengal. It had an amazing buffet, and our waiter sure could sing "Happy Birthday"!!! After that we went to the room to settle in a bit, then went down to the casino. We watched them play poker a bit, and some of us spent a bit of money on the slot machines. I believe that the prevailing comment of the night at the slots was, "That's it??" We walked around the Taj a bit, and over to the Showboat to stand at the doors into The Price is Right. We also tried not to look at the people who were still wearing name tags from the show...:-( The group of us decided that we're going to come back again, even if the next time it's just for the show.

We then talked to a security guard who told us that there were a lot of things to do over at the Tropicana. So we proceeded to walk *2* blocks down the road to get there. We walked around there and it was really amazing. The ceiling was so realistically painted as sky/clouds that one really had to stare up to realize that it wasn't the sky. We found the karaoke bar that we wanted to go spend time at, but the line was over an hour long and it was too smoky with too many inebriated people so we left... We then proceeded to catch the Jitney to ride 23 blocks back to the Taj. Yes, I know the math doesn't make sense ;-)

We proceeded to close out the night talking and watching TV in the room. 1 on the King bed, 2 cots they rolled in, a couch, and a canopy couch thing. I was very entertained by the 'music' that I fell asleep to. *Someone* (our favorite college republican) switched on CNN and was talking back to the reporter disagreeing with what they said. I definitely fell asleep smiling to myself.

We got to sleep around 1am and the first of us was up by 7:30. After I had just over 2 hours of random sleep talking conversation with my friend across the way on the other cot, the rest of us got up around 10. We packed up/checked out, and then went to breakfast buffet at The Bombay Cafe. This was also another very nice restaurant that stuffed me way too full with food! After brunch we headed back home. I got to fill my gas tank at $2.36 before my 5% rebate from my credit card. This made me very happy.

Not that I know if anyone of the people I went with are reading this, however I just want to thank every one of them for such a wonderful time. Going with them was truly the only way that I could ever have been comfortable at a place like the Taj or inside any casino for that matter. The fact that we talked about how uncomfortable we all felt, and how scary it was looking at the blank stares on the people's faces, and how we wished they would all take their money and use it towards some worthwhile cause made me feel much better about being there. I couldn't have had any semblance of a good time if I went with most anyone else besides them. So, my brothers and sisters, I thank you and thank God for placing you in my life. I would spend any amount of my time with any of you.... any day!!!