Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So I've got some catching up to do

However, until then... I'm just going to continue and give the quick version. So here's the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Bad: Since July I've been to 8 funerals I think, when the number's that high, I just don't want to count anymore. Beginning of December my mother had a tennis ball sized tumor removed from her liver and aorta, which thankfully turned out not to be cancerous. As a result of all the previous insanity, I was doing makeup work till Wednesday of the MTA transit strike in NYC.

Ugly: The ever approaching reality of graduation and leaving TCNJ...

Good: God blessed me in so many ways. By carrying me throughout each and every funeral, through my mother's surgery, through my finals, and through all the recoveries. He blessed me with a truly wonderful girlfriend, of whom I had no intention of finding, but God led her to me for a reason, and He's showing me that more and more each day. He blessed me by allowing me to see so many friends from high school over winter break. He gave me a clear understanding of the gifts that He has given me, and with that came a direction for life and the future. He blessed me with a fantastic spring schedule of all photography classes and what looks like will turn into a fully 'staffed' outreach team. He has deepened my faith, my reliance upon solely Him, and though I didn't get to do basically anything of what I wanted or felt I should for break, He showed me that He directed my break as it needed to go and I come into this semester better than I expected to and ready for whatever is to come.