Saturday, February 09, 2008

My liver doesn't like my weekend activities...

So my plan yesterday, was to come into Philly, make a quiet dinner, catch up on all of the wonderful Sci-fi show's that my DVR so graciously records for me, edit a blog post into a more refined form, and pack what I need for Portland next weekend. Yeah, not so much. I get in, and start my evening, but then E comes out of his room and mentions that he and a bunch of colleagues from work are going out for one of their birthday's and invites me along. There goes quiet night. E and I ordered food and then everyone come over to our place for a few drinks before we went out. We went to this local bar that's only a few block walk from our apartment (but then again most things are just a few blocks from my apartment) and met up with the birthday girl and a bunch of her friends from work. It wasn't nearly the fiasco that was last weekend, and thank goodness because two of those in that short of a time would probably have done me in. It was pretty much the ideal night out. A few drinks before, awesome place, good loud music though not too loud to talk, sports on the tv's, little bit of dancing, reasonable amount of money spent, and then good pizza back at the apartment to end the night. Did it end then, of course not... I was up till 5:30am talking on IM, and catching up on some of the show's that I planned on watching earlier in the evening. But the time I start having regular sleep habits, is well... let's just say probably a long time from now.

Anyway, now to continue the weekend. Packing everything I need and taking off from Philly within the hour, hanging out at home for a while, then out to another birthday party for a friend of mine who went to high school with me, but we only met Junior year in college. Funny world like that. I leave with a quote I just heard on one of the show's (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) I watched and plan on pondering during the drive home:

"We can't predict the future, only try and prevent it."


B2G said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! Oh, and which Portland are you talking about?