Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playing a bit of catch up

So, I'm back in my apartment for the majority of this week... which I significantly hope is a sign of things to come. I've been saying for weeks that next week I'm going to get my car back... and that next week hasn't come yet. First it's the headlights that don't come in on time, then it's a broke attachment on the rear bumper that hasn't come in, and last weekend my father decided to get the flu while nature simultaneously opened up 6-8 inches of snow on us. I know it's out of my control, but c'mon... pretty please..... I want my car back!!! /rant

It's nice to be in my apartment, as opposed to being at my parents place and paying rent on an apartment I'm not living in. I've missed my city. Though, since I had to take the train to get here there are a score of things that I forgot to bring, a bunch of fresh cold cuts for sandwiches (to save money on lunches... that plan is going well), bills that need paying, some of my guitar music and also pictures from my trip to Portland that I've promised to some of you. Well, I'll be going home to babysit on Wednesday so I'll be sure to bring them back or take care of that post that night. I feel like I've got a hundred things to write about but no time to write about them in. I guess that's a good thing considering the sparcity of the recent weeks. Oh well, when my life gets back in order (stop laughing... that loudly) then maybe I'll get back to posting regularly. However, I will say that for those few of you who read/care (and that I'm aware of) I have been trying to comment on your posts that so that you don't take it personally that I dropped off the face of the planet... cause I didn't ;-P


B2G said...

No worries! Can't wait to see pictures!