Tuesday, August 30, 2005

God it's great to be back at school...

TCNJ rocks! I go to one of the best schools in the NorthEast and I absolutely love it. Regardless of their stupidity level with construction, parking, student organization funding, and their liberal bias... I love this school. Had my first class, Contemporary Lit and am now waiting in between for my second one, British Lit. It just felt so good to get back into a classroom and talk about literature and writing and reading and I am so wired to be an English major it's not even funny.

We had a big IVCF 'reunion lunch' yesterday and that was just so awesome to see everyone there again. It feels like I've finally come back to my family and my home here at school. This school year is totally going to be exactly the break that I needed from summer. Honestly the only things I'm really going to miss from this summer are hanging out with E and G. Our random trips out of a plane, off of a bridge, into Philly, bonfires, and other excuses to get together were the absolute highlight of this summer. All I have to say is Colorado... minus 3 years and counting!!!

Tonight TCNJ's hosting Lollanobooza which IV is going to help set up for around 7pm. I think that's much better than having our own booth because then we get more time to 'mingle' and don't have to stay till like 2 or 3 am cleaning up. I intentionally didn't go to it last year and then kinda wished that I would have so I guess this is just making up for it.

So I've been going through and reading other people's blogs, and I think I'm finally beginning to understand just how powerful these can be and what they can be used for. Yes, to update friends on what's going on in my life to make everyone feel more socially connected with people they aren't around every day... but there's proving to be a lot more than that. Whether it's a celebrity blog like Wil Wheaton writes or a more news related social commentary like Professor Kim Pearson writes, there just might be a purpose and need for this kind of independent journalism.

Anyway, lots of life left to live today, so away I go!!!