Saturday, November 01, 2008

NaNoWriBloPoMo... FoSho?

If backdating blog posts isn't cheating, which I'm assuming it isn't (even if it is), who thinks I can do both, simultaneously this year? If none of you are raising your hand (I'm not raising my own hand) my money's with all of you. I figure 1 of two things will happen here. Either, eventually I'll get so fed up of setting goals like this and failing miserably at them, that it'll finally spur me on to complete one or I'll actually do it for once, and huzzah! I can't qualify what kinds of posts these will be, or that I won't have to back-date a few(hopefully not too many) but about all I can say, is I hope to be slightly more pertinent than George Orwell. Not that it isn't fascinating for me to see what he considers pertinent enough to write daily in a diary about, but I wouldn't subject anyone else to it, until I'm as famous as... well... George Orwell.