Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November 4: Election Day

I pulled up to the township municipal building, where I had gone countless times before to cast my vote. "Lords of Kobol" had just finished on my mp3 player as I got out of the car and walked under the overcast sky into the building. It was packed. More than I have ever remembered it being. The Smith's who live down the road from my parent's house were there, as always, volunteering to help run the polls. I waited in line, and then walked up to the table for District 3 and gave my name. Sign on the line in the book. Sign on the election ticket. Number 167. Wow, 167 at 10am... Last time I voted I was in the 90's and it was 6pm. I stood in line for the voting machine, making small talk with Mr. Smith as I waited.
"Has it been like this all day?" I asked.
"Yep, there was a line twenty people deep at 6am before we even got here! It hasn't stopped like that since then." He replied.
"Wow. Though, that's how it should be every election."
"Should be..." He trailed off, echoing my thoughts in his silence.
My turn. Through the curtain, the machine bleeped and blinked to life. Entertaingly enough, due to state and local politics, Barack Obama was the only democrat I voted for, the rest Republican either because I personally knew the candidate or I was specifically voting against the other candidate. I answered the ammendement and proposition questions, nothing racy or worth reporting there, appointing judges or open space preservation kinds of things, and then stared at the little green arrow pointing to Obama's name. I stopped for a second, taking it in.

"Today, we make history" and with that, I cast my vote.