Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10:

Long day at work today. We had a big career fair/ seminar on how to have a positive look on life. It was one of those 6am-5pm kinda days and then had to walk home from the train station on top of it all. Originally I was dreading it. However, the walk home ended up being awesome. Except from the strange muscle/tendon/ligament/thing that I pulled randomly last week it wasn't a painful walk home. It was already dark but the moon was bright. I realized during the walk, that more than the crunch of leaves in the Fall, I enjoy the sound they make when I walk through them. They all fly up in the air, making the subtle crinkling sounds and then delicate, oh so delicate pops and clicks as the tumble back down the pavement. It's the subtle things like that I truly enjoy. Also the moon so bright I could see clearly at night. Like, bright enough to make out my hand, and the little lines and wrinkles in it. Simply awesome.