Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twice in one day... a record

I know, I know. I saw the pig fly in the backyard. So, updates of sorts. Car search still sucks. I've fully expanded into looking for not only Honda Accord Coupes, but also Acura CL's. Maybe that's not all that much of a full expansion considering the multitude of other makes and models out there, but it's huge for me. Once I find something I like I stick vehemently by it, living or mechanical. My father's calling about one CL tomorrow, and I'm probably going to look at one by the Agency. So yeah, of my initial list, there are 4 more Accords and 4 CL's to look at. I'm sure I'll find something.

Tiny Dancer is back again after successfully coming out of surgery. We've expanded communication lines to txt as well so we'll see how that goes. I'm glad she's alright. I'd have really not been cool if something happened before I really got to know her. Anyway, writing letters and txting are two things I don't do enough of anyway *hah* so the more the merrier! She brings up a good point with relationships (in the conversation we're in the middle of right now) that she and her friend are on the same level. She's so right, having two people be on the same level, the same page is the key to any relationship really working out for the best. So often it's when there's an imbalance that things go awry and people get hurt. Anyway, she's fun, and new, and different... and in those aspects, just I was looking for. It's still infinitely regrettable that GMDN was involved, but things don't always turn out quite as one plans them... just ask every other one of my past relationships.

Distracted Spunk is back safely and that's always good to know. I'm looking forward to my trip out there for sure. And OR, and NC, which, come to think of it, I'd better buy soon or else it's not gonna be that affordable. NC and OR right now, then CA x 2 for March/April. Now that I stop and think about it, I may have to postpone NC with all this car stuff. Either 1. I'm still going to be looking, or 2. I'm gonna just have it back and want to stay in Philly and not go flying all over the country just yet. We'll see.

So, this week up: five wonderful days working at the Agency, looking at 2-7 cars and hopefully buying one of them, court for the accident that totaled my car, trying desperately to spend time in Philly, and spending at least 3 hours on some kind of creative outlet or another. I'm going to try and set a goal a week, either photography, writing, musical composition, inventing... something with a creative twist to start making that a part of my regular life. I'll post updates of what comes, or doesn't come of it. For my own records, as much as for at least the one person who I know reads this...


Captain Backfire said...

Acura Legends are amazing! Unless they're 20 years old with 200,000 miles. :)