Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Assignment #197: Missing Words

So, one of my favorite author's, whom I've met, John Scalzi, on one of his blogs had a weekend writing series called Weekend Assignments. I didn't realize that he had this until he stopped doing it and posted about closing it. Another reader of his has taken up the colors of this endeavor, so these will pop up here every now and then.

Weekend Assignment #197: Now that the WGA strike has had lots of time to affect the prime time television schedules, how is it affecting you as a viewer? What show do you miss most, aside from reruns?

Extra Credit:
how are you spending the time instead?

Assignment Answer:
Luckilly for me, there aren't that many things that I watched regularly on network television that I'm missing all that much. Honestly a lot of my DVR is filled with more unscripted shows or reruns, Sunrise Earth, Star Trek Voyager, Deep Space 9, stuff like that. Some of the show's that I do watch occasionally though have been affected, Pushing Daisies, 24, Bones, Prison Break, and Bionic Woman. These shows, while I usually record/watch them, I live without them quite easilly. The Sara Connor Chronicles, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica, three shows of which I am immensely invested in, all worked it out so that what they planned to show will happen regardless of this WGA situation. So, since 2 of my favorites, and 1 expected favorite aren't affected, I guess it'd probably be Prison Break or Bones that I really miss the most.
Extra Credit Answer: At my parents house, looking for a freaking car. I'd much much rather be watching tv...