Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nothing special...

That last post kinda wore me out. It's like tangle of razor wire just fell on me and now I have to straighten it out without getting massacred in the process. I didn't plan on now being the time I opened all that stuff up, but I guess it's easier to start now than let a few more years add to it? I'll work on convincing myself of that at least. I'll do my best not to let this turn into an outlet for shitty, "I wish you loved me" spoo. So, a topic change.

My father is an interesting character. For all of his life that I can remember, he's stayed up late, done things on the level of guys 20 years his junior, and just always been young in heart and action. Now, he's 59 and I understand that perhaps he can't do that forever, but I find it interesting that only in the last 3 months has he realized this. It was like he did anything until he approached 60 and somehow that clicked something inside of him where it was like, "hey, I can't do this anymore" when in point of fact, he's no different from when he was 58 and doing everything. Personally, I hope I'm not in store for that. With how different he and I are I don't think so... I have every intention of skydiving from now until I'm 80 and then some. At some point I'm sure I'll have to slow down, but I'd like to do it gradually rather than just hit a point where I decide "I'm old" and must grind to a crawl. Though, I've got a few more years of some more important things to concern myself with before I have to decide how I'm going to be when I'm old... er...:-p