Thursday, September 15, 2005

My favorite thing to do in the world.....


Yep, that's it. Now you know the secret to me. I get up on time-ish this morning, drive to school, and do I start straight on my 3 pager like I wanted to... nope! I sit in my car finishing a song, then organize my bags, then go to our beautiful new library and go on the internet, write e-mails, message people's facebook walls, write a blog entry, and then what am I going to do.... go to the gym till class. Today's my William squared day: Faulkner and Shakespeare. Then I've got more free time from 3:30-5:45 which I hope to actually use productively, haha. The paper shouldn't take more than an hour and a half, if that, to complete and hand in. It's crazy sometimes how easy paper writing comes to me. I just have to actually do it. Then meeting with Chuck for dinner, setting up the book table at 7ish, prayer after that, and then Large Group, 8pm, Chapel, featuring: amazing contemporary worship with Pete and the worship team, and special guest staffworker Dale will be speaking. Also, look forward to extra fellowship time afterwards... details to come. There's my shameless LG plug. Chances are, every Thursday that I update this, one of those will be in there. :-D

I picked up a copy of the Lion's Eye literary magazine today. Haven't started reading it but I think it should prove to be interesting. My goal is to take apart every poem in it, break them down to their core components, compare them to each other and cross reference to the two previous editions of the magazine, and then with the common components that I've isolated, construct a poem containing all those elements, and then submit it to see if it gets in. This goes very much against what I wanted to do, which was write my own way and just deal with it not getting accepted or whatever, but I think this should be a very interesting experiment.

P.S. If anyone on the Lion's Eye board reads this just ignore it ;-)

So right now I'm 2 e-mails away from becoming a photography minor. I'm waiting to hear back from the advisor of the minor as well as my English advisor to make sure that I can take all the classes next semester and that what I drop this semester doesn't adversely affect me. I'm really hoping that it works. The biggest concerns and fears that I had have been relieved in the last two days so now it's just waiting on the logistical details. Super cool. I'm excited.

Did I mention that I'm still here writing this procrastinating going to the gym.

Today's word of the day on Sesame Street is: Procrastinate


Someone special said...

Your bloggs usually make me smile. As I sit here today I can't help but laugh at your procrastination, since the reason I am reading is to procrastinate from doing my own work. Funny how that works isn't it? I really like your idea for the poem though. I don't see anything wrong with analyzing other writers work to design your own. It's not as if you are plagiarizing them, simply using them for “inspiration!” And by the way, good luck with that. I should stop procrastinating reading your blogg about procrastination and actually go get some of my own work done!