Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stay low, and don't make too much noise...

My life is now complete. I've made it to #1 on a Most Wanted Hit List! Yes, that's right, Records and Registration has just released the press brief placing a bounty on my head. Apparently the reward is TBD upon in what state you bring my body.

In all seriousness, God worked miracles today. I knew I had a fight ahead of me. Deadline for dropping class was back around the 13th, and adding a class even earlier than that. But through intense prayer, God saw my plans through. I waited in R&R for about half an hour to see a 'big boss' about what I wanted to do, praying incessantly the whole time. When the meeting came, I don't know what exactly it was that I said, but he finally caved, but only if I could have 2 letters from 2 department chairwomen on his desk before they closed at 4:30. With much prayer, God saw to it that both of them were there by 12:30pm. And the boss flipped. He said that I never told him I had to drop a class, which I politely pointed out that was the entire reason for the first letter. Basically he said that 'against his better judgment' he will make the changes as a 'first time offense' and to leave his office. What greater than the power of my God? Nothing... simply nothing. All glory and honor to my God who works miracles and wonders in the lives of His children, of which I am proud to call myself one.

So, dropped Contemp lit and picked up Photo 1. It so totally rocks. The professor is different but really cool and seemed impressed that I was as ahead on things as I was. I'm basically all caught up from the 2 classes I missed except for 1 quiz which I'll take next week. We were making photograms today, and I got the idea for mine already. I got to use the enlarger, and chemical baths, and photo paper, and it was soooooo awesome!!! I felt like a 3rd grader who just got a new playground at his school! I'm excited, and feeling creative parts of me stir like they might just be getting ready to wake up finally!!!! I've missed them for so long, in my writing as well as the rest of my life that I can't wait to get them back. And then 4 photography classes next semester!!! I go from living in Bliss to living in Holman and I can't wait. I'm so excited I could pee myself... well... close to it anyway. Time to go buy books, and awesome Photography materials, and Battlestar Galactica Season 1!!!!!!!!!!!!