Friday, September 16, 2005

What a show...

Just finished watching Battlestar Galactica episode 209, "Flight of the Phoenix". Wow. I mean, I know I love the series, but every time I think it's good it just has to go ahead and get better. This was a difficult episode for the characters. Chief and Helo trying to come to terms with each other and Boomer as a Cylon. Adama trusting the same model Cylon who nearly killed him a month earlier. President Roslyn having only weeks left to live... I went from on the edge of the couch, literally, to sitting back relaxed completely unaware of how stiff I felt until a commercial hit, to even being so emotionally moved by the end to feel a tear or two!!! Sure, I know I'm more of the sentimental type... but this whole episode was just one emotional roller coaster after another. I don't know how they can keep this up but if they can... Wow.

Stayed out real late last night at school, and ended up going to Vin's to watch Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I've been dreaming of the day I'd see that movie for nearly a year now. I've got a score of trailers downloaded onto my computer, songs, pictures, digital magazine 'clippings', and the movie just blew me away. As my good friend and brother Tim said, "I have only one word..... Damn!" I can pretty much assure you the reader that you've never seen animation of this quality before. Besides the fact that it was rumored to have taken a month to render 5 minutes of the movie... and the movies 1hr 40min... it was visually stunning.

So the decision of the night, now that I've still done no homework, is do I go to the renaissance Faire tomorrow with Jess and other STD friends, or do I go to Belmar and Pete & Elda's by myself. I'm actually split 50/50 right now. Half of me would love to get to hang out with Jess and other friends of mine who I don't know as well, and the other half just feels like I need some 'me' time. I don't really know how it's any different than the time I spend not doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but my mind is hinting that it might be. And then it goes many steps further and suggests that perhaps there's a God-centered reason why He wants me to go to the beach. Or perhaps He had Jess send me the e-mail invite so I could go to that. There's only one of the complete circles that I tend to find myself paralyzed in. Sometimes I overthink the seemingly simplest things so much. I'm just winding myself in circles right now wondering what I should do and what I want to do. Now if someone presented the option of going to see Rent tomorrow, my mind would be made up... but no. That's not an option.

I've got 2 papers, a poem in Anglo-Saxon form, and memorization of Shakespeare all due by Mon. I don't wanna do it now, because it feels too far away. I got very used to my deadline paper writing and I wanna wait for that. However, I'm trying to break the habit now because with as crazy hectic as this semester is going, I know I won't be able to do that near the end.

Today's just one of those days where I sit and wonder.... Am I actually going anywhere???