Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend recap, and.....

Weekend=Awesome. Slept late after Battlestar on Friday, till 11ish. Then decided that I obviously wasn't going to the Penn renaissance Faire so continued with my original "personal day" plan of going to the beach! It was so needed. Went to Belmar because that's close to where Pete and Elda's is!!!!!!! So, after finding the perfect beach spot, and parking, I went to the nearest police station to see the regulations for this kinda off season time. This has to be the highlight of my year. So I'm talking to this elderly cop, and ask if we need beach badges or have to pay or anything. He looks at the stand, says, "Well, looks closed to me, so I guess not." I smile and say, "Ok. There were some signs over there about no lifeguards or something so is there anywhere I can't swim?". He looks at me again, "Well, all the life guards are over there at the party, because it's their last day, so..." and in an overly jubilant tone, "Go ahead and drown yourself if you want!" so what do I say??? Yes, I'm that guy that just says, "Sounds great! Thanks!!". If anyone sees Brian Regan, you can tell him to add that to his list... So I go to the beach, set up 'camp' and go wrestle with 5-7 foot waves, which for me, is the biggest that I've ever dealt with. I went spinning and twisting and bouncing off the ocean floor so much it was awesome. I'd dive head first into them and then find myself twirling like Keano in the Matrix. Totally wild. Exhausting but wild. I also got to finally swim out far enough to see what this current thing everyone was talking about was. Like I though, it wasn't that bad, I could feel it, but it wasn't anything I couldn't swim through. I went out past the rocks that jut out from the beach and then swam back... Probably only under a few hundred feet, but many times more than any lifeguard would have ever let me go. I finally realized how small and helpless I was out there. At any point anything could have come and grabbed me out or down and I would have been done. That's it, no post, no Logan. Just the death-defying experience that I needed to snap me back to my life of normalcy for now... Hopefully it'll last till I can go see Rent again.

After rinsing and repeating a few times, I packed up camp and went to Pete and Elda's. Ordered my water and double extra large pizza, of which I did eat all, and then dessert to the shock of the waitress, and then drove home. Since mom and dad were at the Tim McGraw concert I jus threw in a movie, Romeo Must Die, and then went to bed early.

Slept from like 11pm till 12:45pm which was awesome, then cleaned my car, and drove to school for The Bridge service and concert that some of us from IV were going to. It ended up being 7 of us going, the typical 2.5 to 1 ratio of girls to boys respectively. The trip down was semi-uneventful. We definitely took the 'senic route' and got to see some absolutely lovely 'stumps' and 'ducks' that we wouldn't have any other way. I love my friends, it's always such a blast hanging out with them. We found our way through the park to where the concert/service was, and set up our blankets. The concert was good, and the message was well spoken, and then more music was good... :-P The surrounding was very distracting, some of the people lacked certain Christian principals with which to live their lives by and it was disheartening. I know I'm not perfect, and never will be, but... Alas, I digress.

Stayed around at school last night, randomly helped a sister complete taking apart her car to get it towed away, and then chatted for an hour or so with a few brothers of mine about what God has been doing in our lives. It was a very healthy and good conversation.

Tracked down the Photo minor advisor today, by waiting outside of the class she was teaching. Yes, I was "that guy" stalking teachers where their classes are. Basically I'm 95% good to go for the minor!!! I'm dropping Contemp lit. and picking up Photo 1 (not looking forward to dealing with Records and Registration tomorrow) and am all the happier for it. I could do 4 Lit's but it would have been unnecessary. Classes went well and I can't wait to work for the Whitman Seminar!!! Starting tomorrow with office work, then training on Wed, and working Thurs and Sat. I'm so excited!! I really miss our Whitman class, I could have taken at least another semester of it for sure.

Got home at 6pm today and didn't expect to be in front of the IM window for 5 hours straight but lo and behold..... I was!! I decided since I'm dropping Contemp lit there's no sense in writing the paper, it'd just be a waste of both of our time, because why should I spend time writing for a class I'm dropping, and why should he read a paper of a student who's not in his class. At least that's my rationale. Anyway... I think I am going to find a little something to eat, and then get ready for my re-run of Battlestar Galactica, because of course, I need to see them all twice!!!! Oh!! I almost forgot... Season 1 comes out on DVD tomorrow!!!! I am so buying it in my break between classes!!!! YAY!