Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Serenity of Sunrise

So today was my early day. Up before the sun at 5am to roll around a bit before I have to start driving to school at 6. So perhaps watching Battlestar Galactica till midnight last night wasn't the best idea, but hey, I missed it on Fri... Awesome episode. Lucy Lawless played her character very well. That also now makes 5 Cylon models that we know of: Boomer, the blonde, the guy from the weapons cache and Cloud 9 that Laura spaced, the old PR guy when Galactica was a museum, and now Lucy Lawless the reporter. Technically we could say we know another... Boomer and Helo's child, but 1. the kid's a hybrid, and 2. that would make 13 models and we have only been told that there are 12. Sure the hybrid kid could be number 13 representing Earth, the 13th colony... but that could be a stretch. Yes, I am really into this show.

I read in a friend's livejournal the other day how she missed sunrises. It made me think, and couldn't remember the last time that I had gotten up with the specific intent to see a sunrise. So on my 6am journey to school I tried to intentionally look for one... but couldn't find it. I'd like to find a place in the area that is a good one for watching a sunrise, or a sunset for that matter. If anyone knows of one please let me know!! Especially sunrise. I'd really like that...

Day was crazy as my Tuesdays usually are. SL team meetings 7am sharp. Contemporary Lit at 10. That was fun. Liz and I got to be in the same 'New Criticism' group, so we fought the whole 'Deconstructionist' class... I enjoyed it. Ran around like a monkey trying to find all the right people to see if I can actually add this Photography minor that I want to. I know I can drop the English class... and I'm 99% sure that I can slide my way into the Photography 1 class but it's just a matter of if I can take all of the other minor requirements next semester. If only they developed this a year earlier... Early British Lit at noon-thirty. Then killing time/tracking down the Photography chair till my STD meeting at 7. And for all you non-English majors out there, that stands for Sigma Tau Delta - the English Honor Society. Being at that meeting means that I now have 2 points down out of 5 for the semester. And it also looks like, 1. I'll get to meet and talk to Fred Hirsch!!!, 2. got more info about submitting a scholarly paper to go to Portland, Oregon in the Spring, and 3. I'm starting to make my face more known around STD circles, which is good.

Still setting up the better half of my computer. Gentoo should be up and running by tomorrow... I so can't wait. I'm tired of working in Windows already, it's just so boring. Can't play with sensitive settings, can't emerge new programs, can't test developmental kernels, can't get the latest open office (I think), forget trying to listen to broadband internet radio, I'm just waiting for the virus to come and eat me. How can it be with all my work, class, and extra-curricular activities going on, I still have free time??? I must not have enough on my plate yet... ;-)


Someone special said...

One of the most amazing sights on earth was when I got to watch the sun rise from with in an airplane. It was almost magical. You feel like you are part of the sun rise because the horizon is so much different then anything you would see from the ground. Like wise watching the stars from an airplane is an experience as well. When you feel like you are among the stars watching the lights below you, and yet more around you... it is a totally enlighting feeling. It's almost as if you are getting a glipms of what it might be to look down from heaven.

Someone special said...

I noticed one of your intrests in your profile is skydiving, in referance to your question about a great sunrise, and in conjunciton with my airplane ride... have you ever considered "Jumping" at sun rise?? Just an idea... I bet the view would be more then amazing! Please let me know how that goes if you do! Or better yet... blogg it!