Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another one bites the dust....

So, after over 133k miles my car might just finally have to be retired for good. I was in a pointless 4 car pile up in Cherry Hill on Saturday evening. I'm fine, everyone involved was actually, but I'm 95% sure the car's gonna be totaled, and that's the end of it. No last minute pardons this time and that upsets me. I'm attached to that car. Not nearly as much as I was the first time, but I like it. I'm pretty set now on getting the same model used again... with the possible exception of a 98-01 Acura 3.2CL. That was the first car I really really wanted. The one my student council adviser had, before his girlfriend bought him whatever ridiculous car she bought him. Whatever. The sooner I get this figured out the better. It bugs me to have an apartment I'm paying for and not living in.

I got my ID and rfid badge to get into all the doors at The Agency today. It's one little exciting step at a time. Though, I don't see there being many more before the permanent job offer has to come. 2-4 more months hopefully. With how long I've stuck it out so far, that seems like just a few days....

I met and hung out with John Scalzi, which is probably one of the highlights of this year. It's amazing to meet, let along hang out with someone who is a celebrity of sorts in you head. He's a science fiction author of high regard for good reason. He's been blogging since before the word existed for it. I went to a meeting of the Science Fiction Society of Philadelphia where he was the guest speaker. We talked about his books to come, things that helped or didn't help writing specific characters, when he'd be back in the area, and funny stories that happened in life. He's a great, down to earth guy.

So, I met a new person the other day, which was cool timing to my post. GMDN sent me it a few weeks back with a promise of keeping in touch better. Yeah, that never happened. Shocking. Anyway, it's as fun and awkward and uncertain as I hoped it would be. I like it. If there's one thing I have to give her though, it's that she knew that this new person, Tiny Dancer, and I would hit it right off with the vast amount of things that we have in common. I don't know, I'm just trying not to over analyze any of this, because right now that would be the simplest thing in the world for me to do, especially with the outlet I have here.

DS and I have been on all hours of the night recently. These are the times I wish I were there or she were here because it's so much easier to give/get support when best friends aren't 2,878 miles from town to town away. Long story made painfully short, a potential love interest was taken over by aliens and trashed 9 months of relationship building in one week. Think Animorphs or Dark Skies, that kind of taken over and abrupt change in personality. She deserves a fantastic guy, and she experienced that for a brief while, but as has become all to common, each and every one has crashed and burned on the "staying fantastic" part. Sometimes I feel like my reassurances that she'll find someone who will last sound empty to her, but they're the farthest thing from it. They're more full and hopeful than my own feelings that I'll find someone one day.....

My first little sister popped back into my world yesterday which was awesome! It's always cool to see how we manage to just play catch up and then jump back into knowing each other like life never made us too busy. She's still happy and going strong.

And that rocks.