Thursday, December 27, 2007

New layout now, new year around the corner

So, I probably should have been doing graphic editing work for The Agency these last 2-3 hours, but I decided that I was just gonna change layout's around and such. Yeah, I'm smart. I've spent a lot of time with some of my best friends this past week. I managed again, to get my dose of large, loud, family holiday goodness since I don't get it from mine. Two of my bests (I have a bunch) and I have been going through the Bourne trilogy... a feat we will complete on this coming Friday night.l I'll be seeing Distracted Spunk hopefully tomorrow, since I haven't seen her yet over this break, and then having a sleepover on the 29th with most of my bests in anticipation of New Years festivities.

For anyone keeping records, this Christmas will be dubbed "The Practical Christmas", work clothes, work tools, sewing kit, candy, gift cards, money. I'm cool with that.... must be getting old.

I'm in the process of ordering supplies for my desk at the Agency. Apparently it's sure enough now that I'm staying that they're letting me take all sorts of supplies from the closet and place a requisition for the things they don't have. It's crazy looking through a catalog like that for myself and settling in how I want my desk and drawer files arranged. I'm starting my career... and I like that a lot. I've said/felt all along that I didn't really just want another job, I wanted a career. I have every intention of staying with The Agency for the next 25+ years. I'll have fantastic benefits, a surprisingly flexible schedule, virtually no work taken home that I don't want taken home, weekends totally free, a good commute, and I get to work with good people performing very rewarding services. It's the job of a lifetime and I'm very lucky to have found it.

I'm starting a list of my plans for the coming year, so that next year I can see what I anticipated and what I got... In no particular order,
Getting a new (used) car
Traveling to NC, NY, VA, WV, ME, OR, CA twice, and hopefully Canada,
To continue writing A Life Worth Living...
Exploring Philadelphia
Becoming a permanent employee of The Agency
Feeling good about my level of physical health, appearance, and long term well being
Finally writing a part or whole of a book
Developing my ideas for a comic book series
Composing some seriously awesome BSG inspired music, and an 'orriginal' Christmas album
Learning to play the djembe and guitar better
Growing a bonsai tree

and maybe... just maybe, finding a girlfriend.... wherever she might be hiding.