Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Working for the Agency, dinner with Rapunzel, and Tin Man

So I've decided that this week I'll be wearing a different 'hat' each day. Sunday, I was a Christmas Tree farm worker, Monday I was a lazy bum, today (Tuesday) I was a photographer, Wednesday I'll be a web page designer, Thursday I'll be an office assistant, Friday I'll be graphic layout editor, and Saturday I think I'll go back to the beginning and be a Christmas Tree farm worker. Some day's I love the variety, and some days I simply abhor it. Today, I'm in the middle.

Playing photographer today was fun, I enjoyed that, to an extent. It's easy, and I see immediate results of my work which is always a nice thing. I can put down about a half days working hours too, which gods above know I desperately need the money from. I may have to drop more severe hints that I'm not going to be able to keep this temporary shit up for much longer... not that I know what/where else I'd do/go...

So, on a happy note for a change, it was so unbelievably fantastic to get to see Rapunzel after I don't know even how many months it's been. We talked and ate dinner at our special little Italian restaurant that we love so much and had a wonderful time as we have every time. Sometimes it boggles the mind to think just how long I've known her... over 6 years of history between us. I don't know where we'll end up, but if where we are now, is a result of where we've come from, I'm not all too concerned.

So, I've restrained from writing about the Sci Fi Channel's movie, Tin Man. I don't want to just say it sucked, however this is no glowing review either. It had its moments, and it certainly had it's ideas, but the acting except for a few sparks, and overall story was significantly uninspiring. There was enough difference that I could definitely take the 6 hours of my life I spent watching it and easily pretend it was a stand along mini-series that only remotely took some ideas from their childhood. At the very least, I hope that this has prompted someone to write something much more deserving of a Wizard of Oz sequel/spin off.

No, I'm not volunteering... I don't have the time... for the foreseeable future, that is...

No pictures tonight, I need to go to sleep, working at the Agency in the morning.