Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rain rain.... give me a day off...

I'm tired. Still. Still improper synapse firing. Still searching for everything. But, the Christmas tree in my apartment is decorated. Progress!!!

Ok, now for complete sentences. I made dinner tonight, a whole chicken baked in the oven and rice. I was tired of not having a real meal so damn it, I made one. It was so good there's only a bit or rice left over, that's it. Yes, BigE and I ate the whole bird. It was glorious. I've decided that carving a chicken properly is one of those life skills I need to learn before I have my own family. It's one thing to butcher it when it's just us guys eating, but it's another when it's half a presentation for a family too. I will add, that as much as I sucked at the whole carving thing, I did save the wishbone intact which is drying on top of my stove as we speak :-)

So here's a question: How much does one spend on a blind gamble, that's most likely a once in a lifetime experience, especially when that person's just scraping by on bills as it is? Right now, I'm between $500 and $3,000. Yeah, it's worth 3-grand to me... if it were guaranteed I wouldn't hesitate, but it's not... and I'm not positive how I'd feel if I dropped that much and didn't get it, or rather, wasn't even close. I imagine my competition isn't that severe... Neilsen ratings estimate a 2 million viewer pool not counting other countries; figure half are fans enough to keep up with information online; at least half actively searching for information and participating in blogs/fan clubs/forums, which brings us down to 500k people; from here it's subjective guessing how many people have the money for this, are willing to spend said money, both have the money and willingness to spend it, and are fans of that character enough to spend it on seeing them, and of course any other variables I've forgotten. So approximately I'd be competing against 1-100,000 people? Give or take a few thousand? Maybe 1-50k? I really don't have a clue, but now isn't a time to underestimate. I need to find the deadline for this.

And apply for a passport... just in case.

"You say you want to talk about a better world, but you've closed that beautiful door"

Artist: Billy Bob Thornton (yes, the actor)
Album: Beautiful Door (2007)