Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Under the weather...

Ick. That's about how I feel. It's definitely not a full on flu thing, but man, it's just one nagging, "I feel shitty" feeling. Soup and tea for lunch and dinner, that's how I'm rollin'.

So, now that I've got my id and passkey for The Agency it was really awesome to see some of my fellow employee's be happy for me that I'm now "one of them". Usually I tend to enjoy keeping an unique (Ok, so I'm sidetracked in the middle of this sentence. Grammatically, we would use the word "an" in front of any word beginning with a vowel, an egg, an apple, an igloo, an understanding, etc. and the word "a" in front of words beginning with a consonant, a cat, a dog, a perfect, a zoo, etc... Now, I don't recall ever reading about any exceptions to that rule, though I admit that if any language will have an exception to it's established rules it's English, but that sentence confuses me!! It sounds right using "a" with either a long or short vowel sound... but no matter how many times I repeat it, "an unique" just doesn't quite cut it. Is it me? Am I sicker than I though and when I feel better I'm gonna read this and realize that "an" does sound right? Wow, anyway...)

What I was starting to say before my grammatical ADD kicked in, was that it was nice to have those employee's who've been at The Agency for a long time, accept me into the fold so that I can start my career with them. It's heartening, exciting, and just flipping cool.


Anonymous said...

So um. I love you. Probably just for the "an unique" diatribe you just went on.