Monday, December 03, 2007

Sabbath, in the not so religous sense...

I want to say today was nice. I want to say it was exactly what I needed. I want to say I feel like I'm firing on all cylinders again. But... those would all be inaccurate. I had to force myself to sleep in and still felt just as off as before. I don't think it's the vitamin D, that gives me a different feeling than this, and I got plenty on Saturday. Actually, I'm afraid it's my sleeping habits. Yes, I can function adequately on 4-5 hours of sleep an night, but I do believe that adequately isn't what I'm used to. Like Distracted Spunk I tend to operate on a plane above what is simply adequate and the reduced sleep may be behind the adequacy. So that was supposed to be the point of today's "sabbath", to take time off, sleep in, veg out, and refresh my batteries in a manner of speaking. Did it help, yes, just not to the extent that I would have liked it to.

So, here's something that's been troubling me. First, go off and read Phillybits for reference and then return here.

I read that, don't know where exactly I found it, I think off of a Digg link, and was immediately flooded with quite an array of emotions:

  • I was frustrated, because religion and politics should not converge, except when politics is required to to preserve every individual's right to believe in whatever they wish
  • I was angry, that in a political debate, a question that had so little to do with anything of political, policy, or international importance had time wasted on it
  • I was humbled, because 18 months ago I still would have thought that was an important question and would probably have based my vote on the candidates' answers
  • I was saddened, thinking just how many people will end up basing their votes on the answers that the candidates gave.
  • I was disappointed, to think that these are the criterion we have reverted back to using to elect our leaders
  • I was upset, to see how far we've deviated from the Founders original plan and destiny for this country which they gave themselves to found

But most of all, I was ashamed, in myself, that for all I tout myself for being American and proudly supporting the democracy the Founders established, I wouldn't have known my own constitution well enough to give that reply....

Picture (c) 2006 Bonnie Jacobs