Saturday, December 01, 2007

Catching up

So, I may have failed at the NaNoWriMo thing, but I kinda expected that. As punishment, or rather, perhaps motivation, I'm going to attempt to write here every time I sit in front of a computer. Whether it's 3pm or 3am I need to get this going. I've had 3 or 4 ideas on things to write but haven't been somewhere that I could write them down. It's like the ideas wait until the most inopportune moment they could possible hit and choose that one. Oh well.

I'm at the apartment, having just finished my nightly doses of tea, scrabble, and taking with my Distracted Spunk. I'm taking her idea and giving everyone witty names, it's the easiest option I think. Then I can talk about everyone and feel at least a bit less like I'm censoring my writing. It's funny, I think that the Writers Guild strike has actually put me in more of a mood to write. Maybe because they can't/shouldn't, or maybe it's simple idol worship in that I want to be like them. I'd like to create a series and characters that people can make a part of their lives someday. Until then, I'll support the ones who are doing that with every dollar that I don't have...

Pencils2MediaMoguls just upped the ante to try to get more supporters. For fans of Smallville and Battlestar Galactica a few of the actors have expressed a willingness to reward fans with a phone call, personalized memorabilia, or more. Aaron Douglas has even offered to take his biggest pencil donater out to a hockey game, provided they can make it up to Vancouver. I'll admit, I'm wildly tempted to buy a thousand boxes right now. No lie. 12,000 pencils. I'm beyond not able to spend that kind of money, but it helps the cause and to hang out with the Chief.... it'd be worth the years of debt I might incur from that. And then to go to Bear's soundtrack concert and be able to go up to him like a friend, cause we'd have gone to a hockey game before... yeah, woah. A good idea may be to find out when said contest ends.

I'm also going to add a picture with every post. All will be ones I've personally taken/edited unless otherwise noted. It's about time I start getting my proverbial "shit" together and accomplishing something in addition to working 4 part time jobs and hanging out with friends. I've got video's to edit, websites to make, Christmas presents to make, furniture to make, ships in bottles to make, and I'm sure about 7 other things. Ready. Set. Go.